Termites, commonly known as "white ants", forage for food over a large area (50 to 100 metres) in search of timber, they work and live in a central nest. The worker termites partially digest the timber into cellulose before returning to the nest to feed the colony. The Queen can lay up to 1000 eggs per day and can live for 25 years. The 2 main species that cause damage to homes in  Brisbane - Ipswich are Coptotermes and Schedorhinotermes. Unfortunately, by the time most termite infestations are evident, major damage has already occured - early detection is imperative!! Termitebusters are one of Ipswich's best Termite Treatment Specialists.

ALL of our termite inspections and treatments are carried out to the highest Australian Standard AS3660.2 & AS4349.3 


Termite Treatment - Termiticides

For all our Termite chemical barriers we give you the choise of our 2 most popular chemicals; Termidor and Biflex.

Termidor (www.termidor.com.au

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  •  transfer effect
  • not a repellant - termites cannot avoid the chemical
  • slowly kills termites as they take the chemical back to the nest
  • less water-soluble, meaning it has extremely low leaching potential from rain or watering the garden
  • cost approx. $1000 - $2000 more than Biflex 









Biflex (www.fmcaustralasia.com.au)



  • more affordable option
  • provides double action protection
  • repellant barrier
  • kills actives termites on the spot
  • extremely low leaching potentail
  • low odour
  • longer protection period than Termido
  • Effective at low concentrations
    • independent CSIRO field tests have shown that competitive products would have to be used at 10-20 times the concentrated level to match the repellent power of Biflex 













Termites can attack and infest any structure! You, the homeowner, can alleviate the chances of termites entering your home, by adopting the following simple measures.


  • Do not store timber against or under your home
  • Do not cover the edge of a concrete slab with soil or gardens/ mulch - if it covers the weep holes it's too much!
  • Do not had soil built up the side of external walls - houses built in underneath are at high risk
  •  Fix water leaks around your home - moisture attracts termites
  • Visually inspect timber retaining walls/ fences regularly - keep an eye out for mudding tracks




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