Make sure your new home doesn't come with nasty surprises



If you are looking at purchasing a new home, Termitebusters offers you an independent, comprehensive Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection solution.

We are your local Ipswich Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection specialists.

Contact us direct on 0408072250 to discuss your needs.

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We work in with local reputable building inspectors. (Pro Check Building Services - 0411046076; Daniel King Building Reports - 1800303581)

In our Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection, we look for evidence of termite activity &/or existing damage. We also look for timber decay and fungal rot - which are highly attractive to termite infestation.


Our Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection includes visual inspection of...


       Interior/exterior of the house                                                                                                 

Termidor Termite

Roof Void
Landscape Materials
Trees and Stumps 

Termatrac is used inside to detect termite activity in the wall

We include a typed report, listing all our findings, which will be posted &/or emailed to you. 


Read more about protecting your home under "TERMITE TREATMENTS". 



Borer HolesPre-Purchase Pest Inspections: $250

  • Report focuses on Termites, Borers and Fungal rot.
  • Inspection includes inside - exterior - roof void - Sub-floor - fences - garages - outbuildings - landscape materials - trees and stumps.
  • We include a typed report which can also be sent via email.
  • We can arrange a building inspector  to be there at the same time on your behalf 
  • We include the use of our Termatrac termite scanner at no extra cost (you will find that most pest control companies charge extra for this)

 Contact us direct on 0408072250 for more details..

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