How To Choose The Best Termite Technician For Your Home 


1. The pest technician should be qualified in Pest Control and Termite Work.

    They should be able to produce a photographic licence  (Our Licence: PMT:10273)


2. Termite Technician should be fully Insured for Public Liability and Professional indemnity.

     We are insured with WALLACE INSURANCE. 


3. Termite Technician needs to be registered with the Queensland Builders Services Authority (QBSA)

    Our BSA number is (639161). 


4. It is ideal to hire someone with experience in the field. 

    Chris Thomas has over 20 years in the pest control industry

    Ask  your technician how long they have been working for? And what other companies have they worked for?


 5.  'Pay peanuts, you get monkeys'

     Quality of work is more important than price, especially when it comes to protecting your home


 6.  What warranty is provided on the termite treatment ? 

     We provide up to 10 years - depending on chemical used - conditional on an annual inspection and top-up for insurances purposes


7.  What is the annual inspection cost to keep the 8 year warranty valid? 

     We charge $200


8.  How long will the job take?    

      Don't employ someone who is going to run in-and run out!

      Chances are, they won't complete a quality job!


9. Will the termite technician provide treatment of yard:

     sleepers, fence posts, logs & trees etc in the quoted price??   

     With every termite barrier we treat the yard and landscape timbers/ fences in Termido


10. On completion of termite treatment: the technican should provide:

      1. a certificate of application,

      2. a termite inspection,

      3. treatment sticker usually fixed in powerbox and

      4. a tax invoice.  



Termite technicans should provide you with a quote stating:

     1. Which chemical will they use? 

           (eg. Biflex or termidor etc)   

     2. What concentration of chemical will be used per 100 litres of water? 

           (eg. 600ml of Termidor per 100 litres water)

     3. Where exactly will the chemical be placed

           (eg. 100mm below the footing)

     4. Approximately how many litres of chemical the total job will take.

     5. Will concrete be drilled? And is the drilling at the correct spacing per the chemical instructions

     6. Will concrete holes have plugs or mortar on completion? 

     7. Will the termite technician perform a 'double run' when injecting chemical?

         Will they add a foaming ingredient?

     8. Will the termite technician use a trenching rod when injecting thru soil

          underneath the concrete footings?

     9. Has the  termite technician provided a free termite inspection in the treatment price?  



FINALLY: we encourage you to become involved in the treatment!!

Our customers are encouraged to watch us perform the the treatment,

ask questions, watch us open the new container of chemical and then

place the correct amount into the tank.

We are happy for our customers to take samples of the chemical at any time.

A termite treatment is a big investment!!

Performed properly - it will last a long time - at least the warranty period!!

Performed badly     - it can fail allowing termites to re-infest your home!